As a cost-effective and fast alternative for PCB in small series, we offer our customers the special PCB-Mix. With this production method multiple orders from different customers – with the same copper thickness and layer build-up – are placed and manufactured together on one production panel. The available specifications of the PCB are more narrowly defined in the PCB-Mix. By that, costs of material, setup and handling can be reduced. The design rules and the available PCB-Mix services (see table below) are to be observed.

Advantages of PCB-Mix

The production method for the PCB-Mix enables us to offer the PCB, compared to usual sample production, with the same quality more cost effective. Such „pools“ usually have disadvantages, such as an uneven layer thickness distribution due to the different layouts of the individual PCB. At Becker&Müller we avoid this disadvantage by using a special copper plating process – so-called pulsplating. With increasing quantities, manufacturing using the PCB-Mix does no longer pay off, we manufacture then in the standard sample or series production.

The PCB-Mix specifications at Becker & Müller

Material FR4 1.5 mm standard layer build-up
Layers 2L, 4L, 6L
Copper thickness 35 μm, 70 μm
Solder resist green
Surface HAL, chem. Sn
Silk screen white (optional)
Trace width/distance ≥ 0,15 mm (6 mil)
Drill diameter ≥ 0,3 mm (12 mil); no blind and buried vias

Other services in context of PCB-Mix production at Becker & Müller

  • free offering and technical support
  • online calculator, enquiries and ordering forms on our homepage
  • mill program with max. 10 coordinates is free (if more coordinates – see changeover costs)
  • AOI of all layers included
  • E-Test of 4 and 6 layer multilayers included
  • design rule check included
  • layer offset checking included
  • if desired: UL-manufacturing
  • application date and manufacturer id can be integrated
  • standard deliver time
    • 2L = 5 working days
    • 4L = 6 wd
    • 6L = 6 wd (order and receiving production files until 9:00 a.m.)
  • express service: 2L starts at 8 hours, 4L at 2 wd (see additional fees for express service)
  • order status and parcel tracking available on our homepage
  • reduced prices if reorder (10 % less, if production files keep unchanged)
  • reduced changeover costs for serial order (50 % if production files keep unchanged)
  • overproduction, if exists, is added free (delivery rate > 95 %)

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