Becker & Müller also offers the exactly matching SMD-stencil for SMD assembly made of aluminum.

This service has a number of advantages:

  • optimal accuracy of fit (for panel production -> PCB panel fitting exactly to metal stencil)
  • easy ordering
  • simultaneous production of circuit board and stencil
  • data are only required once
  • short-term availability of equipment such as frames, quick-release frame, cleaning agents, archiving systems etc.

Specifications and services of the SMD-stencils at Becker & Müller:

  • available in the following thicknesses: 80/100/120/150 μm
  • standard delivery time: 3 working days
  • express service 24 hours (data delivery and approval before 12:00 p.m., delivery on following working day)
  • express service 6 hours (data delivery and approval before 12:00 p.m., delivery on same working day via courier)
  • express service 6 hours overnight (data delivery and approval before 5:00 p.m., delivery on morning via courier)
  • basic price of standard SMD-stencils € 99 (incl. 1,000 pads, each additional pad € 0.035)

In addition to the standard SMD-stencils, Becker & Müller also offers special sample SMD-stencils. The production of these is, as of the PCB Mix, standardized. The ordering process is made comparatively simple, definable parameters are narrower limited:

  • dimensions up to max. 210 mm x 290 mm
  • basic price € 59 (incl. 700 pads, each additional € 0.035)

The advantages of using SMD-stencils

SMD components allow a higher density of components on the circuit board. The soldering process takes places not by means of a solder wave, but in a reflow oven or by means of vapor phase soldering. The necessary solder is made in the form of a paste using a stencil and squeegee applied. Then the components are placed on the solder paste. The adhesive force of the paste prevents it from falling off. Heavier components are usually additionally glued. Are you interested or do you have questions about our SMD-stencils? Then feel free to contact us, the experienced Becker&Müller team will be happy to help you personally.

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