PCB order / inquiry

PCB online-order/inquiry

Our online forms offer a particularly efficient and simple tool for online PCB ordering or inquiries.
The forms are available for single-/double-sided PCB, multilayers and various special type PCB. SMD stencils can also be ordered or requested conveniently online.

Use our PCB Express-Service! By using the online order form, we lose no time and can put your order into production as quickly as possible.
If there is stell a need for clarification, this is of course no problem. For remarks, please use the field remarks and explanations.

If your order is for standard PCB – according to our PCB-Mix services – in small series, our PCB online calculator is available as faster and more cost-effective alternative. After entering your data, the price is calculated immediately – this can be offered at a discount due to the possibility of pool production.

Attention: If your company-internal IT-security prevents an upload of files, please send them including all data by mail to: brief@becker-mueller.de