High-Frequency PCB

High-Frequency PCB

High-frequency PCB (HF) are used wherever fast signal flows and thus high transmission frequencies are required. Increasing frequencies cause a number of unwanted and limiting properties – such as inductive and capacitive effects, reflections and delay of signals. In order to ensure the integrity of the high-frequency signal flows at the highest possible frequency, the permissible parameters must be precisely determined and implemented. Longstanding know-how and high process reliability in production make a strict compliance controllable – we at Becker&Müller are your competent manufacturing and developing partner.
Hochfrequenz Leiterplatte Keramik

Quality of High-Frequency PCB production at Becker & Müller

Decisive for the quality and functionality of HF-PCB is not only the PCB design but also the used base material. We at Becker & Müller use among others PTFE and ceramic materials. Short delivery times can also be realized for HF-PCB due a number of special HF substrates which are continuous available from stock. During the design phase, we support the impedance calculation using special software from the market leader Polar instruments GmbH. The desired PCB design is compared with our design rules and possible adjustments proposed. Subsequently, we offer a final impedance control as well as the preparation of a test report. All this makes Becker&Müller your perfect contact when it comes to the development and production of demanding high-frequency PCB for your individual project.

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