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Technology & quality

Technology and quality of our circuit boards are among our highest demands. To be constant on to produce at the highest level and also to meet the high technological demands, Becker & Müller has a modern machinery, plant and equipment park. This park is always optimized and kept up-to-date through continuous investments. The same applies of course to the manufacturing processes. Last but not least, it is the joint development together with the customer and their requirements that serve as innovation drivers and reveal optimization potentials.

Quality control

Quality control accompanies the entire manufacturing process of the PCB. Our test standard is the IPC A-600 class 2 – of course, tests according to the acceptance criteria of class 3 are also possible. Even during production, the circuit boards are subjected to various control and through the following measurements or tests, depending on customer requirements:

AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)standard
Layer offset control (automatically when registered by CNC machines, manually x-ray examination)standard for multilayers
E-test (electrical test)

standard for multilayers

optional ≤ 2 layers

Impedance controloptional
Preparation and evaluation of micrographsoptional
Initial sample inspectionoptional
Mechanical tolerance (dimensions of contours as well as position of holes to traces respectively pads)optional

Our production highlights

The base of quality and precision is – in addition to qualified employees and highly developed processes – our state-of-the-art machinery and plant park. Some highlights of our production are:



Manufacturing guideline
IPC A-600 (acceptance criteria for PCB)


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