company succession

New generation in the starting grid!

The Becker & Mueller Schaltungsdruck GmbH can now look back on more than 35 years of company history. The company was founded in 1985 by Mr. Waldemar Becker and Mr. Xaver Mueller. As a two-man business, Becker & Mueller specialized in the manufacture of printed circuit boards in small series and samples. This orientation has always remained almost unchanged – high-mix, low-volume. To date, however, not only the team has been increased to around 20 employees, but also the core area has been expanded to include special services – such as the express-service and the production of highly complex special types PCB.

In 1998 there was already the first change in management, Waldemar Becker handed over the management to his son Michael Becker. He continued beeing available to support the company in an advisory capacity. Today – 23 years later and 37 years after the company was founded – the next generation change is imminent. Xaver Müller hands over both the management and his company shares to Janik Becker, the grandson of his co-founder. Similar to the first generation change, Müller will remain with the company and, in addition to his advisory function, will head the Research & Development department. He will continue ongoing projects and drive future innovations./span>

From 2022, Becker Junior will manage the company strategically and operationally together with his father Michael Becker. The licensed industrial engineer, specialized in Industry 4.0, gradually worked towards his duties as CEO. From an early age it has been a vocation with the vision to act as a pioneer in PCB technology./span>

“I am ready to help to shape the future of Becker & Müller with my skills. Thanks to a solid management over almost four decades, I have been able to continue to build on a stable foundation. The trust of employees and customers in the abilities of management plays an important role in this.”

In addition to taking on the tasks as managing director, the focus should be on further advancing the core competencies of Becker & Mueller. New ideas should provide a breath of fresh air – but the identity of the company should essentially remain unchanged. The same applies to working with employees, customers and suppliers.